Providing the simplest software & business solution for the most complex problem.


What We Do

We facilitate the digitalization journey for micro, small, and emerging businesses by offering straightforward and cost-effective solutions.

With our comprehensive business perspective, we identify opportunities to establish robust digital infrastructures.


Our Approach

We specialize in pinpointing competitive advantages and honing a stellar digital presence. Our strategy involves crafting a customized roadmap for the digitalization and automation of administrative tasks, aligning with the pace of your business growth. Complemented by extensive training, documentation, and instructional videos, we ensure a thorough understanding of every process.


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable digitalization for dedicated entrepreneurs and businesses that contribute value to the ecosystem.

We are committed to ensuring they optimize costs efficiently, avoiding unnecessary expenditures on software and business development.

Main solutions

Business Development & Strategy

Business development & Market approach
In our experience with tech B2B companies we have prepared and completed dozens of business development strategies for growing, scaling or approaching a new market. With some of them we have managed to build multichannel communication campaign including actively participating in community development, company and team certification, positioning on events and business magazines and improving their digital presence (website and social profiles).
Selling process, CRM setup & setting KPIs

At ThinkEast we have received balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills helping us to create sales formulas and systems that produce results. Often we work with diverse type of businesses and start-ups where one of the first task is to build a business development department with all processes, structures, tools and metrics.

Events calendar, shortlisting and planning

We believe that business events, fairs, conferences, summits, meetups, workshops and association gatherings are one of top converting B2B sales channels, generating qualified and hot leads. This is the reason after we polish digital presence, next step is to create events calendar, shortlist most suitable events, plan and budget them and finally create checklist of before, on and after the event.

Startup business model, pitch deck, investor preparation

Our experience with startups can be gamechanger for any starting business. We are always open to help and assist any entrepreneur who we believe we can bring value for. Currently being part of a couple advisory boards and/or consultant teams, assisting mostly with legal, business and software consulting.

Software & digitalization

Web solutions based on WordPress

Having more than 11 years of experience with WordPress infrastructure gives us the advantage to build stable complex systems with ready-made solutions, budget and time friendly for validating business or startup idea. We have created rich web platforms for our clients in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and Bulgaria. We are also familiar with maintaining and supporting such projects so they can work smoothly and convert.

CRM, Project Management, ERP Solutions

Based on the business stage and scenario we are proposing two or three software and roadmaps to setup digital version of your departments. Aiming to make important processes traceable and manageable with simple and affordable solutions.

Simple web solutions

Sometimes we just need one simple task to be automated and digitalized and the business starts to excel. In such cases big and complex solutions like WordPress or whole ERP systems are overkill in both time and budget terms. For such situations we have a bag full with creative tools, solutions and assistants, with all the documentation and training you need included.

Software assignments & Project management

In our experience we have been on the side of the customer, developer and project manager in multiple ocasions and diverse type of software projects. In this journey we have learned to setup and use multiple tools, solutions, systems and to translate information from business to developer and vice versa. These skills help us to be a reliable partner in bigger scale software projects.

Why Think East?

Excessive experience with software, project management & business development

Worked with more 80+ startups & tech companies

European multicultural business since 2016

ThinkEast Consultants

Martin Penchev

Martin Penchev

Digital legal compliancy for startups, tech and eCommerce

Marin Dandarov

Marin Dandarov

Business development & software solutions

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