Earn more with same resource


What We Do

We cooperate with technological companies to help them earn more
with the same operative resource.


Our Approach

Optimize sales processes, enhance digital presence and better the
company positioning & offering.


Our Mission

To make sure every good product is achieving it’s sales potential.

Main services

Business Development & Strategy

Business development consulting
Few businesses ever achieve their full sales potential, for a variety of reasons. In most cases, they fail to focus on the important aspects because they don’t use the correct systems and reporting procedures. In other words, there’s a real lack of planning and control in the business. Our goal is to help you build a business that delivers the results that you want it to.
Prospect lists, outreach & lead generation

ThinkEast is your partner for Lead Generation and Sales Development. We implement multi-touch Outbound Prospecting strategy through LinkedIn and email by developing targeted prospect lists, designing individual messaging approach to each buyer persona, keeping your leads engaged and nurturing them into customers.

Public relations, media & events

With us at the helm, you can just enjoy and participate in the show. Leave the organizing to ThinkEast. Our expert professional teams collaborate on handling the different departments. In addition, there would be an event supervisor taking care of the various aspects.

LinkedIn Profile Management
We help you optimize your LinkedIn profile, strengthen your personal brand and grow your professional network with targeted leads by implementing personalized outreach strategy, managing your LinkedIn profile, building trustful relationships with new prospects and driving interest in your product or service.

 Sales Process Consulting

Operative Sales Services

Our sales process experts can help you streamline processes, increase productivity and make you more money. We’ve also noticed an improvement in employee morale level and better working relationships between sales and marketing teams thanks to the transparency good sales processes can bring.You can expect your consultant to be 100% professional, honest, experienced, thorough and effective. We pride ourselves and survive off our reputation and nothing less than brilliant will do. We’ll invest our time and effort in your project like it was our own.

Lead Lists Research

We precisely analyze your ideal buyer profile, assess your initial requirements and develop corresponding Lead Generation roadmap for generating new leads. Our Research Specialists provide help with database enrichment, sourcing up to date B2B contact data and validating your current CRM records.

Outbound Sales Prospecting

Our team of ThinkEast takes care of compiling a comprehensive database of leads, designing an individual messaging approach and implementing a highly customized outbound reach out strategy in order to generate interest to your business offering among your target prospects.

Digital Presence Services

Sales materials & website analysis, redesign & new content

Your brand’s sales materials, such as the website, company brochures and presentations, are tools to move your customers forwarding the sales process. Each item plays a specific role in the overall sales funnel and they should be created to fulfill that role in the most effective way possible. Ineffective sales materials could end up reducing your sales and customer base. Our modern business model provides the resources you need when you need it. From creative strategy to graphics for print, web, and interactive media such as websites and presentations.

Content strategy & execution

Our content experts can help you formulate a comprehensive and effective marketing content for your business, whether you need consumer-targeted content aimed at viral marketing and social sharing, or technical content and online PR in order to establish your company as a leading authority in your industry.

Why Think East?

Excessive experience with marketing, sales & business development

Worked with more than 50 startups & tech companies

Enormous network in the tech world

Our team

Martin Penchev

Martin Penchev

Head of Legal

Aleksander Champion

Aleksander Champion

Chief Revenue Officer

Marin Dandarov

Marin Dandarov

Head of Business Development

Danail Naydenov

Danail Naydenov

Business development manager

Rahim Kadir

Rahim Kadir

Business development consultant

Ivanina Topuzova

Ivanina Topuzova

Business development consultant

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